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Leave out the Skype update and keep the classic MSN


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Do you miss Windows Messenger? Are you one of those who reject every other social network? Do you want the classic buzz and emoticon chat back and you want it now? Then you're lucky, although only for some time.

Messenger Reviver is a program that automatically leaves out the installation of its newest successor, Skype, so you can keep on using MSN until the complete closure of its servers. Furthermore, this tool will install, repair and modify Windows Live Messenger 2012, 2011, 2009 and 2008 to continue hearing its unique 'new message' sound.

When installing or opening MSN, a message will appear on your desktop informing the user of the new available versions of the service. Once Messenger Reviver has been downloaded and executed, you'll have to allow the changes in the system that this application will make. That way you can detect if the MSN service needs repairs or a reinstallation in case Skype has blocked it so you can keep enjoying MSN.

The message that will suggest you to change to Skype or that will block your favorite chat will disappear and you can keep on using it until the definite closure of its servers.
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